When a business gets to the point where they are unable to efficiently manage all of their customer inquiries and requests, they will likely choose to outsource inbound telemarketing services. An inbound telemarketing service often consists of customer service agents who answer phone calls from the customers of their business client from their work station. The telemarketing customer service agents begin to handle customer calls once the contract between a business and telemarketing company has been signed.

An inbound telemarketing service can be used 24/7, certain hours of the day, or after traditional business hours. In addition to taking customers calls, an inbound call center service may schedule appointments, process sales orders, recall information on products or services, or offer technical support. With a range of different services being offered, many different businesses benefit from inbound telemarketing services.

Businesses who do not receive important phone calls put themselves at risk for losing customers, sales, and profits. If a potential customer is calling a particular business and the call is not answered or no one returns the call, the customer will likely not call back and the business will lose that potential customer meaning they will lose a sale. For this reason, business owners who no longer can handle customer requests will hire a telemarketing company to answer customer calls in a timely and professional manner. A telemarketing company is able to answer hundreds and even thousands of calls each day to ensure customers and potential customers get the support and information they require.

Businesses offering specific services such as cable or satellite television providers greatly benefit from hiring a telemarketing company. Most households have either satellite or cable television and each day more people are getting these services. This means that a lot of people are calling these businesses with such requests as ordering a service or changing a service package. An inbound telemarketing service can successfully manage all of the calls and assist customers with fulfilling their requests.

Today, companies and corporations of all sizes and types such as businesses like insurance companies, financial services companies, banks, multinational companies, utility companies, retail businesses, communication services, etc, have a more widespread customer base. Huge volumes of inquiries and other support calls from customers are coming into offices every day. Efficiently answering these calls on-site requires a lot of money, manpower, and resources. For this reason, many companies have now turned to telemarketing companies to effectively manage the immense amount of telephone calls from customers during the course of a regular business day which helps to ensure customer satisfaction and minimal loss of customers. The result is an increase in both sales and profits.